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About Us


President:   Patricia Gray
1st Vice President:  Jason Oates
2nd Vice President:  David Hallin
3rd Vice President:  Paula Amrod
Recording Secretary:  Enrica Ramey
Treasurer:  Susan Davis
Parliamentarian:  Dorothy Sue Smith

Board Members

Paula Amrod
Nancy Brophy
Jenny Davis
Susan Davis
Ruth Farris
Patricia Gray
David Hallin
Pamela Hallin
Jason Oates
Enrica Ramey
Brian Ray
Eileen Rudstrom
Joan Senhausen
Dorothy Sue Smith
Sabrina Laney Warren
Michelle Vigneau

Past Presidents

Barbara Mashburn


Mission - The object of this organization shall be to develop, sustain, and promote classical musicians

Beethoven Club • 263 S. McLean Blvd. • Memphis, TN 38104 • 901-274-2504 or 901-493-0958